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Cupping Massage and treatment

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Cupping is an alternative massage technique, meant to release the tension in the muscles. The cups are made out of glass, and there are different cup sizes. The Cups creates a suction, which is created by a piece of burning cotton wool, with alcohol.
Modern cups can with more ease release the tension from the suction than traditional cupping. If the suction is too great your cupping therapist lets more air in. However, if the suction is too light the cup must be replaced with another cup. The warm air from the cup gives a pleasant feeling on the skin and the tissue underneath the skin. The traditional cupping treatment helps to promote blood circulation, in which the tension promotes cell repair and removes waste in the body.


Cupping massage

In traditional cupping therapy the cups are moved around in a great area around the body. Cupping massage can be great if there is a great area with pain, tension etc. Furthermore, you can combine the cupping massage with cups stationed in special areas.


Modern Cupping – Treat your body

In modern cupping massage you can use electronic pumps and cups in flexible material. The modern cupping method treats the skin structure on a deeper level, due to the cup giving a form of — in the placed area in which the blood circulation gets started.
In Beauty-Balance we have had more ease with the treatment of knees, neck, shoulders and the achilles tendon. Furthermore, the treatment is a great supplement for all areas, with pain, circulation problems and redness. Modern Cupping can, as an extra benefit, treat headaches.

Cupping can be used to loosen old scars both ugly scars and scars that stick to the bones.

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MuscleCup increases strength in the muscles and increases your strength during training in different types of training. The strength increases right after the treatment, and you’ll get a faster recovery after a training session.

The MuscleCup treatment is a good supplement for your training, with fast and effective results to better your training results. During the treatment bigger glass cups are placed on specific muscles. The cups create a vacuum effect, where the muscles are pulled out and –. The blood circulation in the muscles increases after the treatment, where the nutrition in the muscles increases and the waste in the body decreases. The treatment can give you marks that are not permanent. The strength increase is something you can feel immediate, and the body feels lighter as well. The treatment effects last up to a week.

MuscleCup can be used by people who do CrossFit, bike, karate and any kind of competition where you have to increase your performance.

We have been lucky to treat Phillip C. Schröder a danish national team player in karate. He has been to many competitions both in and out of the country each year. It takes really good physics and optimal recovery to go to elite sports. Philip gets the cupping treatment to loosen up his muscle tension, increase his blood flow and stimulate his skin tissue. Especially up to his competitions, where the treatments get intensified to maximize the physic preparation.

The MuscleCup Treatment is a new treatment concept in Denmark, developed to increase the muscles fastness, presentation and strength. MuscleCup is a patent and registered brand.

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