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Beauty Clinic in Vanløse – Alternative Treatment for Body & Soul

Do you dream of a greater sense of well-being in everyday life? Or do you want to treat yourself with relaxing and effective beauty treatments? At Beauty-Balance, a beauty clinic in Vanløse, you can experience true well-being with alternative and natural beauty treatments without the need for chemistry or surgery.

We only use a range of relaxing and well-documented techniques that are good for you, your body and your health. Beauty clinic in Vanløse? Then Beauty-Balance is the natural choice.

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Do you dream of an everyday life with more energy? And do you want to experience the effective power of acupuncture? At Beauty-Balance we offer professional and healing acupuncture that can alleviate a wide range of different problems and pains.

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LPG Treatment

LPG Treatment

Are you looking for effective removal of Cellulite, saggy skin or stretch marks? At Beauty-Balance we offer a professional and effective LPG treatment with modern equipment from Endermologie.

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Japanese Lifting

Japanese Lifting

Get the glow and resilience of your skin back! At Beauty-Balance, we offer Japanese lifting in Copenhagen – an effective and relaxing facial massage without surgery.

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Beauty Clinic in Vanløse
– Near Rødovre & Frederiksberg

Our treatments give you both a sense of relaxation and ultimate well-being while being effective and targeted in the areas where you need it. In our beauty clinic in Vanløse we can offer the following treatments:

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Natural beauty treaments with no chemistry or surgery.

Our clinic is centrally located in Vanløse, so if you are looking for a beauty clinic close to Rødovre or Frederiksberg, we are just a short dive away. With us, you can expect the best in alternative beauty treatment and massage – an effective way towards a more beautiful self, both outside and in.

Unlike other beauty clinics, Beauty-Balance focuses on both inner and outer beauty. Here we have a more holistic apporach. We believe the inner beauty will help strengthen and reflect the outer beauty. In short: treatments where you become the best version of yourself.

Focus on inner and outer beauty

Many beauty clinics are based only on outer beauty. At Beauty-Balance we take things in a different way. In other words, we have a more holistic approach, where both the outer and the inner are in focus – an inner well-being can certainly help to reinforce and reflect the external beauty.

Beauty-Balance – Beauty Clinic in Vanløse

With us you can be assured of an effective beauty treatment that is based entirely on your wishes and needs. That is why we always listen to you, just as we also advocate an open and honest dialogue. In this way, you are sure of a result that you will be happy with.

Beauty clinic in Vanløse? Book your time here on the site or call +45 42 83 07 74

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